Career and Education

I graduated from the University of Warwick in Coventry, UK, in 1999. Since that point I have lived and worked in Bristol and am presently employed by STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd.

This who require more details about my qualifications and experience are invited to peruse my curriculum vitae. I would add, however, that I am not seeking employment at present. I am very happy with my current employer, my work is interesting and varied. I also have absolutely now plans to leave Bristol right now.


Dispite being a fully paid up (bearded) computer geek and not being the most social of individuals I have managed to amass one or two friends over the years. Therefore I should like, if I may, to introduce those of my friends that have made the effort the eek out their own little corner of cyber-space.

Finally I should like to say hi to Ben, Kate, Helen, James, Nadia, Ian, Matt, Bert and Pete. If any of you read this then send me a e-mail to say so. If you get a homepage then really drop me a note to say so.


My life sometimes appear to be awash with a hundred different unfinished and occasionally unstarted projects. This list is my personal list of shame, those projects I have conceived of but never brought to fruition. These are placed here to try and spur me into some action!