Infant Inside T-Shirt Transfer

When my wife became pregnant we started throwing around ideas for t-shirts designed for pregnant geeks. The Infant Inside logo, sending up Intel's famous marketing slogan, was the one we liked best.

The Infant Inside Logo After several long hours in front of Inkscape the completed work was ready to send to the printer (I even remembered to mirror it first). The resulting work is modelled below by the woman it was designed for.

Feel free to download the original image and play about with it. I'm happy for it to be used for any non-commercial activity. If you make something really cool with it then I'd really apperciate a photo. Have fun. Note that many older browsers cannot display Scalable Vector Images correctly. If this affects you then simply right click and save the link target. You will then be able to open the image in applications such as Inkscape.

My wife modelling the finished t-shirt