Red Feline Stompbox - USB guitar pedal using ATTiny microcontroller

Red Feline Stompbox is a USB keyboard with just one key, albeit a multifunction one. It is designed to be built with a foot switch and a strong case in order to provide a foot operated control for a computer. The keyboard recognises both single and Stripboard layout diagram for Red Feline Stompbox double clicks as well as detecting if the key is held down for a long time. Customized key events can be attached to any of these user actions.

It can be used:

Red Feline Stompbox is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence.


Both the firmware source code and the stripboard layout diagrams are found in the same tarball. Windows users can use 7-Zip to decompress the package.


Photograph of completed Red Feline Stompbox.
Photograph of internal construction of the Red Feline Stompbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did you pick that name?

    'redfelineninja' is an anagram of my own name together with that of my wife. Since the program is hosted at the name of the program seemed very obvious.

  2. What's in the release?

    circuit/ contains the stripboard layout diagrams for both the full featured and stripped down (no ICSP port) version.

    firmware/ contains the source code for the firmware.
    firmware/usddrv/ contains the USB driver that drives the communication with the host computer.

    The README contains the entire documentation (apart from this web page).

    COPYING contains licensing information. The license for RFStompbox allows you to provide copies of the program to anyone you think might like it (with or without charge) but does require that you inform them about the license (by providing them a verbatim copy) so they understand that they also have permission to distribute it. The pre-amble to the license provides more details on the purpose of the license.