Red Feline Tidy - Duplicate removal for PalmOS®

Red Feline Tidy is a utility program for Palm OS that scans your databases for duplicate records. When it finds two records that are absolutley identical it will automatically delete one of these records.

Screenshot of Red Feline Backup running on an emulated Palm M125 This program is particularly useful if your handheld computer gets out of sync with your desktop and ends up creating identical copies of every entry in your address book. In fact RFTidy was written after one especially dramatic occasion when almost every one of two hundred or so addresses I have was duplicated nine times!

WARNING: This program is writen for the Palm OS 5 or earlier. Due to the changes in the PIM databases in Cobalt (Palm OS 6) this program is unlikely to work correctly on these devices.

Red Feline Tidy is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence.

Release Announcements

So you want to keep up to date with the latest Red Feline Tidy releases do you? Coming back to this page every month or two sounds too much like hard work? If you answered yes to both questions you might like to know that all new releases will be announced on, if you subscribe to Red Feline Tidy then the crew at freshmeat will make sure you are kept bang up-to-date without you having to do anything more energetic than read your e-mail.


Both the source code and the compiled binary are held in the same zip file. To install simply download the distibution, unzip and double click on rftidy.prc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did you pick that name?

    'redfelineninja' is an anagram of my own name together with that of my wife. Since the program is hosted at the name of the program seemed very obvious.

  2. Aren't there already other programs that do the same thing?

    I'm not aware of any other free software programs that do the same thing as RFTidy.

  3. How do I know I can trust your program with my data?

    I don't really think you should! It took me only six hours to write the 1.0 release of RFTidy, not much of that time was testing. You will find the program covered in warnings to backup your device before you run it. Follow this advice and make sure you keep the backups for a week or so before deleting them just in case you don't spot something right away. The best I can say is that it works great for me and is fairly simple so there's not a lot that can go wrong but as it says all over the program there is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

  4. When I run the program it just scans the data and returns to the startup screen. Why?

    That sounds like it is working properly! There is no separate dialog to ask if you want to delete something. The program always deletes any duplicates it finds during the scan.

    If you still have duplicates left then this is probably because the program only deletes exact duplicates. These tend to occur due to failed attempts to synchronise and are especially common if you sync. your Palm with two different desktop machines and something goes wrong.

    If you have inexact duplicates, for example, you have two entries but only one contains an e-mail address, these will not be deleted (or even reported).