DexiTow Mk I

Engineering Drawing These are some pictures of the original DexiTow prototype. The DexiTow is DIY bicycle trailer that is cheap and easy to make. The frame is constructed from Dexian shelving uprights and simple bolted together. With a little assistance from a hack saw the Dexian is also used to make the wheel brackets. The trailer is finished off with a rubber tube hitch and a bent steel tow bar (bent with pipe benders and a scafold bar).

The Dexitow is discussed in greater detail on the Sust 'n Able web site.

Click on a thumbnail to see the full size image (note that each picture is fairly large (~300K) and will take a minute or two to download using a modem).

The DexiTow was designed by Ben Greenland with help from Daniel Thompson & Jenny Longden.

Note: I don't know who drew the diagram on the right. It was downloaded from the Sust 'n Able web site. It may not have been drawn any of the above people.
The front left side of the DexiTow
The DexiTow's hitch
The underside of the DexiTow
The finished DexiTow protected by pipe lagging.