Street Youth Hostel (YHA)

Grid reference : ST481346

Basic Info

This hostel sleeps about 28 people and provides a dining area large enough to seat this many people together with a small living area. It is a little awkward to have circles in the dining area but can be done with a bit of a squeeze.

The hostel is within walking distance of the town centre and placed next to a National Trust Woodland.

Things To Do

If you have stayed at this hostel and want to let people know what you did there then please e-mail

A Short Circular Walk

This is a very short walk, it will take about an hour and it best suited as a quiet tramp in the colder seasons. To get a map use the grid reference at the top of the page.

From the front of the hostel head west with the road on your left. You will pass some woodland on your right and then pass a large field (games anyone?). After the field you will come to a gate opposite a T junction. Cross the main road and head down the smaller road (see Middle Ivy Thorn Farm on the map). When this road bends to the right go though the gate on the left and back into the woodland. Follow the trial (and love the sun if there is any) taking the right most path an any fork. When you will come across a fence turn left and then continue taking the right most path until you reach some steps. Following these steps will lead you back up the hill and to the hostel.